He works in acrylic, oil, spraypaint, pencil, pen, marker, brush, wacom, camera, dremel, screwdriver.   ///   He has had exhibitions in Dublin, London, New York, San Francisco, San Diego, Vancouver, Denver and France so far.   ///   He built and runs Home Studios in Dublin.   ///   He has a daughter called Harlow.   ///   He has DJed for Beyonce.   ///   He drinks a lot of coffee.   ///   He ran a company called Munki.   ///   He was nominated for an IMTV Video Music Award.    ///   He sponsors a chimpanzee called Pip.    ///   He was selected as a Webby Official Honoree.   ///   He believes in UFO’s.   ///   He has designed lots of websites.    ///   He occasionally plays records.    ///   He painted a bar in Tarifa.    ///   He met Will Ferrell.    ///   He owns a chocolate labrador called Meko.    ///   He lived in Los Angeles.    ///   He has never been to Vegas.   ///   He makes stickers.   ///   He hates mushrooms.   ///   He loves Talking Heads.    ///   He believes that Biographies generally get in the way of the work.    ///   He tries to draw every day.